In Search of true teetering rotor head for 600 size heli

TradHeli Enthusiasts,
I was wondering if anyone knew of a kit or vendor that sold a true free teetering rotor head. I am interested in purchasing the rotor head to mount on one of my 600 size heli’s in order to better understand how to tune this style rotor head.

I know @picoflug and potentially @heri are big into scale model helicopters. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


@bnsgeyer Hi Bill, maybe I don’t understand exactly what type of rotor you are looking for. But maybe it is an old Schlüter rotor head from the 80s. Have a look at the attached picture. If you think away the mimic for the paddle linkage, then you are left with a teetering rotor head suspension. Would that be what you’re looking for?

@heri thanks for the quick response. I did see this head when I did a quick search on the web. It was even underslung like the full scale rotor heads. I was hoping for something a little more modern.

Bill, unfortunately there isn’t any choice on the market of something ready made.
The only one (to my knowledge) is the Schluter Heli-Baby, but that’s fixed collective pitch.
I think the easiest to “convert” to your purpose would be the old Hirobo Freya rotor, underslung/ delta3 rotor head.
It fits 10mm rotor mast, so you should probably be ok on your 600.
By removing the white rubber dumpers you achieve the full teetering degree of freedom you are looking for, probably better to add static stops within the yoke.

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Bill, this is a real problem. Most scale pilots fly a helicopter model, which in the original also has a Ridgid head. Only the few vintage enthusiasts fly models with a Bell-Hiller mix.
Often, however, these heads are only visually dressed up like that. In fact, they are then also Ridgid heads.

In the end, the only option is to build your own. Here, too, the old Schluter heads can be a good starting point.

Sorry that I have no other idea.


Thanks for the info. That makes sense. Looking at the Hirobo Freya head that Ferruccio suggested, it was pretty expensive. I’ll look for a decent used one maybe. I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity about the tuning of a teetering head. This will be handy info for larger heli UAV applications.