In search for a 6S rc controlled kill switch

Hello all. I am interested in adding a parachute to my quad and I would like to add a power kill switch which should withstand the normal power of the battery which is a 6S 22000 mah 5C, avg current usage is 40a.
Any recommendations, links? is there such a product which doesn’t weigh a ton?
[EDIT] I have one from hobbyking but it is rated for 30a if I am not mistaken.

Thank you all

Why kill power, when you can kill the PWM lines more easier with a set of small mosfets or ssr’s, that will be the same effect on the motors. But don’t forget that adding a kill switch just adds an additional point of failure. The only reason to do it is when you are legally forced to do.


Hi Andras @Eosbandi, thank you for the information but I honestly don’t really know how to implement such a thing and I simply thought that a kill switch would be a good idea.
And… in regards to points of failure, I guess I have so many (starting with my soldering skills) that maybe one more…
Any way, I thought it is a good idea to kill all power when the quad is dangling under a parachute