In mission flight mode, can the aircraft head be aligned to the next waypoint before the transition?

I have a vtol,due to space limitation, I hope that automode, only during takeoff, when the plane reaches the takeoff height, it is still copter, first point the nose to the next waypoint, and then transition to fixed wing, ignoring the wind direction, such as the waypoint behavior parameters of copter, without the need for wind vane

WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR: Yaw behaviour during missions
0 Never change yaw
1 Face next waypoint
2 Face next waypoint except RTL
3 Face along GPS course

for example
Q_WVANE_TAKEOFF: Takeoff override
Override the weather vaning behaviour when in takeoffs

-1 No override
0 Disabled
1 Nose into wind
2 Nose or tail into wind
3 Side into wind
4 tail into wind
##5 Nose into next point