In memory of Greg Covey. RIP

I saw someone selling Greg Covey’s Firefly VTOL saying it was purchased from an Estate Sale

I knew he had not been posting for a while so I googled this.

Greg was the most enthusiastic and helpful member of this forum who was always displaying the latest efforts of the Ardupilot devs. He had a fondness for quadplanes. I hate when you find out something like this 7 months later. Greg will be very much missed by many people here.


He will be missed, I will remember him for the excellent quality and professionalism of his many blogs, and the kindness and dedication in the support of these great builds.


Oh, very sad to hear that. I don’t think he let a Vtol>quad plane post question go unanswered. A real guru.

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He was a true VTOL,er and help every one sadly missed by all on here