In Arduplane parameters, what is the difference between “trim_arspd_cm” and ” scaling_speed”?

In Arduplane, “trim_arspd_cm” represents the level_flight cruise speed ,but " scaling_speed" which used to calculate the performance of PID controller also means the aim airspeed I want to have.So what is the difference between them ?
If I set the "trim_arspd_cm=1500 “and " scaling_speed=14”,would my plane aim 15m/s or 14m/s?

Ïn my experience, plane will fly at the TRIM_ARSP_CM value, I’ve never changed the default value of 15 m/s for SCALING_SPEED. I don’t know if we should change it to match intended airspeed, but taking into account the lack of information in the wiki about this parameter, It seems that the default value should work in most cases.

Trim arspd is desired speed, speed scaling is used to scale control surface throw based on airspeed,( do not fool around with it unless you know what you are doing )

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I now have used MATLAB to arrive at different PID numbers for Roll and pitch at different speeds. Should i start with the least speed PID values and set my maximum speed as scaling speed to get better results.
Thanks in advance.

@MagicRuB @tridge Any expert advice on this??