Improved ROS integration and documentation

Hello, My name is Esraa Magdy. I am an undergraduate student at Zewail City and a senior intern at CAT center which is a research based entity at Zewail City with a focus on robotics especially Autonomous robotics, swarm robotics and related areas. I was trying using ROS with SITL/Gazebo to simplify the transition from working on the simulation to working on a real drone as i have a quadrotor with pixhawk and and consecutively ArduPilot but the steps provided in the documentation didn’t lead me to a smooth setup. That’s way, i would love to work on that project.
My idea is to create a container environment that include SITL with the compatible version of Gazebo and improve Mavros integration as well. I also would like to create some demo ros nodes to make the drone takeoff and move in a preassigned trajectory.



That sounds really great. We know ardupilot works with ROS because @khancyr has done it but we need to make the process really easy so people can get started quickly. So, looking forward to your GSoC proposal!