Improper landing in a fully autonomous mission

Although my full waypoint mission flies relentlessly in auto mode I faced an issue during landing(also in auto mode). (I flew the autonomous mission with my Hexacopter to an altitude of 110ft AGL and from there it took the landing)

I have set the landing parameters as follows:

LAND_SPEED_HIGH = 0 (The descent speed for the first stage of landing in cm/s. If this is zero then WPNAV_SPEED_DN is used).

WPNAV_SPEED_DN = 150 cm/s. (Defines the speed in cm/s which the aircraft will attempt to maintain while descending during a WP mission).

LAND_ALT_LOW = 400 cm.(Altitude during Landing at which vehicle slows to LAND_SPEED).

LAND_SPEED = 50 cm/s. (The descent speed for the final stage of landing in cm/s).

According to these parameters my Hexacopter, during the first stage of landing was supposed to land at WPNAV_SPEED_DN and during final stage of landing from an altitude specified at LAND_ALT_LOW it should have slowed down to LAND_SPEED.

But it seemed that completely opposite happened. The copter speed was LAND_SPEED during the first stage and WPNAV_SPEED_DN during final stage. This happened second time.

How is it possible that the speeds are getting reversed?..This is something new for me.
Please help!!!

Update to 4.1.3-rc2 some speed issues have been improved there.

Have you got a .bin log we can look at?

I am unable to send the log file. But can you please!! tell me what graphs should I look at for the same?..It will be very helpful if you can mention the graphs at least I should plot.

Thanks a lot…

If i am not wrong u mean the firmware of arducopter?

We need to look at so many graphs that is hard to post a complete list here.To learn about the complete list, read the documentation, we have also a nice, one hour long, detailed youtube video.

One other option, is to just post the .bin file here, and let us help you.

Yes, update your firmware to ArduCopter 4.1.3-rc2

You could test by trying RTL and see what it does, or post your parameter file