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Impressive Ardupilot based Drone Delivery Demo

Late last month drone company Matternet demoed a first, a precise and fully automated drone delivery (coffee!) to the roof of a Mercedes, capping a lengthy flight over the city of Zurich in Switzerland. Ardupilot is under the hood of the parachute equipped, 10kg, 70km/h copter.

From Techcrunch:

Drone delivery may be closer than you think: Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Vans teamed up with e-commerce startup siroop, and drone logistics provider Matternet to kick off a pilot in Zurich of its van-based drone delivery concept. The partners demonstrated a delivery live to an audience of media today, showing a coffee delivery from a small Swiss merchant using siroop’s platform.

Matternet has been a pioneer in drone delivery. Earlier this year, in another first, the company was cleared by Swiss authorities to fly blood samples over switzerland cities.

A 50 minutes video of the event is in the news link. Skip to 31 minutes or so if you just want to see the arrival and copter landing.

Well done!

From the video, the copter’s route:

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