Important security notice in CUAV Skye

If you have a SKYE airspeed meter delivered before May 2023, please urgently upgrade the firmware to 1.1.0; mainly the following security fixes.

  • Fix the problem that the heater continues to heat in some specific environments, causing the Pitot tube to melt.
  • Fix CAN_NODE_ID not working
  • Fix other known bugs.

Please follow Firmware Upgrade to complete the firmware upgrade in time.
If your skye has been damaged, please contact your account manager, we will provide you with new hardware for free.
We sincerely apologize to every user affected by this.


Can you update the link to DroneCAN GUI? It’s dead.

What is the altitude limit of this sensor?

cuav-skye-firmware-1.1.bin (66.5 KB)
Sorry, you cannot download the file because it is blocked by your browser. Here is the firmware file and the link has been fixed.