Important Firmware Update – ACCST D16 2.0.0 - ACCESS also affected

I have been following this thread on RCG: Important Firmware Update – ACCST D16 2.0.0 - ACCESS also affected, and I have serious concerns as to how this issue affects ArduPilot and Pixhawk.

The thread is quite long, but the gist is that FrSky receivers can go into a “lock out” mode and can cause “uncommanded” servo movement.

There is also some discussion about S.Bus that included a statement that, " With V2 FW FrSky combines 4 RF-frames into one SBUS string (containing 2 frames). The FL flag is set, if 2 clean frames cannot be found within the last 4 frames. According to FrSky, this is a request from Flight Controll Manufactures." (Taken from post #1074).

I have been using FrSky equipment for quite some time and I have never encountered this particular “bug.”

So, I’m wondering has anyone here seen this behavior? And I’m also wondering which "Flight Controll (sic) Manufactures made the previously quoted “request”?

Strange that no one seems to be interested, but it appears the “fix is in.” FrSky is posting “beta” firmware versions for their TX modules and receivers on GitHub so the user community can participate in the testing before final public release.