Import of KML/KMZ files for Mission Planning

With recent discussions of 3D fences and no-fly zones. I was thinking that it would be useful if the Mission Planner could import Google Earth shape KML/KMZ files for the purpose of creating and displaying zones and fences around areas of concern. This is a logical next step to implementing failsafe functions to prevent pilots from planning or flying their vehicle into these zones. This needs to be importable as well as enable the pilot to activate/deactivate zones/failsafe for individual or multiple zones.

I was wondering if there has been any movement on importing KML/KMZ files into mission planner. This would be useful as many jobs for surveying are being supplied to me in this format. One then has to manually create the area in Missionplanner again.

If you are interested, there are ways to convert a kml/kmz to a SHP file which is importable into Mission Planner. Granted, a KML import into Mission planner makes sense, but in the meantime…

Hi Cndnflyr,

Sorry for late response, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction for the conversion process?


This is a really, really late reply now, but for others who find this topic, Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a program I commonly use for geographic file conversions. It seems to be able to handle them all and is free.

The online documentation will get you started importing files and then saving them as a different format.

Working with Vector Data

Just to add to this, Mission Planner now has Altitude Angel support, or put another way all the worlds airspace is now shown on Mission Planner.