Import customised waypoints file into Mission Planner

Dear community,

I’m trying to build a rover that can drive to multiple locations and do the measurement on each way point. However, it would be tedious if I edit all the waypoints in Mission Planner because there would be around 150 measurement points. So I’m wondering is there any way that I can generate the the waypoints file from an excel file with all the waypoints written in it?
Thank you so much


Hi Mirko,

It should be possible to export a mission file from excel. probably the best way to ensure the format is correct is to create a mission in the mission planner (or QGC if you like) and export it as a text file. Then open the file in excel and then add lines, then save the file again as a text file.

Thank you for your help. But how can I export the mission as a text file from Mission Planner ? The only option I found is to export it as a WP file. Once I edited it in excel and import into Mission Planner again, an error will appear.