Import 3DR Solo Cable Cam waypoints into Tower for Spline Survey

I fly in a remote mountainous areas of West Africa.
In using Tower to generate new Spline Surveys,
I am always scared that my flight path is incorrect, for which my 3DR Solo will fly into the mountain (jungle).

Although I often use 3DR Solo App as a reconnaissance flight, the flight has little value because nothing recorded can be transferred into Tower, from where I generate Spline surveys.

It would be fantastic if it were possible to record waypoints while flying using Tower,
or import 3DR Solo Cable-Cam waypoints into Tower;
from where a spline survey can be generated (using Tower App).
I need to be absolutely sure each critical waypoint near the mountain is 20 - 30m above the tree-line
For this, physical flying is the only sure method.

Else, It would be nice if the 3DR Solo App could conduct spline surveys.

Alan Seymour

The next release of Tower will include the ability to generate a spline mission from the vehicle flight path.
The feature is already included and is currently in testing for a beta release.

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Excellent news. Thanks for the update.