Import 3D-files into GCS to create missions out of 3D-graphics


Have anybody heard of any method or attempt to create flight paths from generic 3D-files created in sketch up or equivalent?

I would like to be able to easily build complex flight paths in graphics software and then “import/translate” it into a GCS and be able to place/scale it.

Any input appreciated!

Hi Svensson,

i dont know if there is such functionality in a GCS but this sounds interesting, what you are planning to do ?

I remeber MatrixPilot having something called UDB Logo and a UDB Logo Editor though this is probably not what you are searching but comes as close as i know right now.


I’m looking into using drones for skywriting, or something quite like it.
In sketchup it is fairly easy to create (or import) 3D shapes and position them onto ”real” world coordinates, like a house for example which means that the ambiguous dimensions and positions of the edges and corners of the polygons are (at least could be) defined as gps coordinates. These could then be “sliced” into flight paths, a bit like when a slicer for a 3d-printer converts the 3D object into movement-instructions for the printers head.
Simple shapes like pyramids are possible to create directly in many GCS (but alas not move, reshape, resize etc.) but if you want to make something more elaborate it quickly gets impossible.

I also think that for filming it could be helpful to have a more visual way of looking at, and manipulating flight paths, and easily move paths from one location to another, scale, etc. Lots of possibilities for interesting footage/effects there…

Sounds like a nice feature :slight_smile: I like lightpainting and could use this as well.

For filming there is a nice tool for designing camera shots. I have yet to try this but its on my list.

Very impressive! In many ways sort of halfway to what Im thinking of.

This is the kind of team I need working for me …

Thank you for the tip!