Implementation EX-BUS-protocol for Pixhawk 2.1

Hello guys,
I am building a drone with 6 motors and I use Ardupilot to control the drone based on this project in website of ardupilot. To examine the temperature of each motor i use the Jeti EX-Bus protocol as data transmission protocol between the motor and the Pixhawk. However Pixhawk 2.1 does not support the Jeti EX-Bus protocol, so i must try to implement the protocol for this in C++ and flash this into the Pixhawk. I have read the instruction in website of ardupilot and for the implementation of Jeti-EX-BUS-Protocoll I have found this library. I would like to know, if i must implement this again in ardupilot/libraries/AP_HAL/CANIface.cpp and CANIface.h. I have added this to AP_CANManager.cpp and AP_CANManager.h. Do I have to add this to anywhere else in project?
Another question: how to i flash this project into Pixhawk?
This is my first time doing this kind of project. It would be great if you can help me. Thanks in advance!

Current methods are discussed here a bit. I started working on add EX.Bus, but stopped because I didn’t like the packet safety of receiving RC inputs. We’re sticking with PPM for now.

thank you for your answer. I have read that post but the information in that only say about the possibility to implement Jeti-EX-Bus with the Cube but there is no clear instruction on where to implement each class. It would be great, if you can help me to check, if something is missing or wrong with what i mentioned above.