Immediate roll in tricopter drone before takeoff

I have built a tricopter configuration drone and am now working on getting it to fly. I am using a Pixhawk with mission planner and a PS4 controller. I cannot get it to takeoff in any controlled way yet so I cannot use “auto trim” or “autotune”. In order to trim and tune the controls and motors manually I have first set all my PIDs to their lowest setting. I am now trying to change parameters so when I throttle up the drone takes off vertically (with some yaw due to the rear motor servo not being PID tuned yet). I have tried a couple things, but I always have an immediate roll to the right when I throttle up. What parameters can I try changing to fix this? It seems like I would need to increase the minimum and trim values on the right motor.
Thank you

No, Like explained in the other thread. Do not change the trims. Leave ALL trims at 0.

Fix you motor ordering and/or accelerometer calibration.

When you say fix the motor ordering, do you mean their location on the airframe? In the case that it is the accelerometer calibration specifically, which parameters would require changing? Could it also be the PIDs are not properly tuned? I get the impression the PIDs help with overall stability but would not be crucial for a first indoor takeoff.

You should send a photo of the vehicle and flight log.

Here’s the flight log from our last test, we were moving motors to see if that made a difference (it didn’t make much).

here’s a picture of the vehicle:
(the front two motors are wired in pairs as one motor each):
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 9.29.34 PM