iFlight SucceX-E 2-6S Mini Flight Tower System F4 Flight Controller

Does ardupilot ONLY work on supported hardware?


I am building a quad and I wanted to try this inexpensive iFlight F4 stack. Has anyone tried loading ardupilot on it? Or does anyone know whether it is worth trying or not? I do not wish to fly this drone only load ardupilot so that I can use mission planner.

If you are not trying to fly the drone why not use SITL simulation?

I apologize, that wasn’t clearly written. It is most likely an inconsequential statement I made, but I only meant I am not planning on using my flysky transmitter to fly this quad. I want to see if I can control it completely using mission planner.

I say inconsequential because my main question was whether this flight controller will load ardupilot…

There is a board definition file called “SuccexF4”, but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on it other than https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-limited-firmware.html

Interesting! The plot thickens… thanks

For anyone else out there, I just tried and the answer is NO as of end July 2020…

NO = ArduPilot DOES RUN on this hardware ?

There is actually a firmware build: ArduPilot firmware : /Copter/latest/SuccexF4

However it is called “4.2.0-FIRMWARE_VERSION_TYPE_DEV” so may be not major yet…?