If i need to find someone to code in ardupilot then


New as can be, - i have a project in which it seems ardupilot is optimal.

If i need to find someone to code this for me, what kind of person would that be? Is it a C coder - would the person need other skills etc?

Hope someone can guide me a bit - i tried to find the info on the website, but as a new person its a bit overwhelming!

You either need C++ and python skills for big complicated features.
Or you need lua scripting skills for smaller features (do not need to compile and upload firmware)

So its C++ AND python skills, OR … ? =)

Thank you so much btw!

There are some complicated features that can also be done in lua, with almost no programming skills. It really depends on what you want.

Can you describe it?

Its really quite simple - to test out what i need, i would want to create a mechanic in which i can hold up a drone - thats off - power it on, retract my hands, and it will hover in that spot. Then i would want it to go stay there for 10 seconds (after power on) and go forward 1 meter, and hover, until i grab it again, and power it off.

lua scripting is all you need.