Identifying Mechanical problems

I have been suffering suddenly flips followed by a crash during some flights.
Trying to debug what happened, I have extrated from the logs the following lectures:
As I can see that comparing the pitch vs desired pitch, thet the pith remains at 0 in some points.
[attachment=0]roll vs desired roll.PNG[/attachment]
[attachment=2]pitch vs desired pitch.PNG[/attachment]
The crash is arroun 45 line number

I thing from following the tutorial of the APM website that it is caused due to mechanical problems.

Can anyone confirm this?

Also I don’t know how to interpret the errRP and errYAW logs.
[attachment=1]ErrRP y ErrYaw.PNG[/attachment]

If this is derived from a mechanical failure, how can I identify what motor/esc combo is failing?

Thanks in advance

You’re flying with Copter 3.3? If “yes”, feel free to post a dataflash log somewhere and/or provide a link to the log and I can have a quick look. If it really is a mechanical failure (ESC, Motor, etc) it’s unlikely I’ll be able to say any more than what motor or ESC is likely the problem.