Identify compasses in mission planner

Looking at the wiki here

The image shows a window to allow selection of compass priority.

I am using the latest stable mission planner and I dont see that window. I get a dropdown to select between three compasses… This has always been a bit ambiguous.

How can I be sure I am selecting the one I intend to?

Update Mission Planner to latest Beta. Help screen “Check for BETA Updates”. Do this routinely to stay up to date with the latest feature support.

Beta means there might be bugs… This is not the preferred solution.

Is there any other way of validating compass choice?

It is the preferred solution, suggested by the Developer of Mission Planner all the time, but up to you. You can use the HWID screen to determine which compass Device ID is associated with which bus and then it’s obvious.

Thank Dave, will dig a bit deeper.

Compass ordering works only in Copter 4.0.4 Which is at RC4 at the moment.