Idea! Calculating thrust expo from gyro data

Hi, please excuse me first if the idea is plain stupid.
As an student of the nice info supplied in several forms here and there it seems Thrust expo is pretty critical for a better tune ,easy to understand…
What if thrust could be directly related to filtered IMU data . In my limited phisics knowledge ,knowing aceleration around and axis one can find the thrust involved.
Inertia could also be easily integrated in the calc by performing simple 2 wire pendulum test.
Thanks …just for reading my thoughts.
Juan Martín

Take a look at ardupilot_wiki/systemid-mode-operation.rst at pr-system-id-improvements · fbredeme/ardupilot_wiki · GitHub for a starting point for your idea

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That will do for sure!!(with some math)
I was thinking of an automatic calculation like hover throttle is done nowadays.

I have been told that PX4 does this automatically on board bringup procedure.

Our GPL3 license allows us to get inspiration from BSD code, the other way around is forbidden.

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