Ibus converter coding

Hello I thought I’d start a topic about flysky ibus

I’m hoping there are some people here who can offer some good guidelines for making a script for the APM 2.6 32u2 chip, I know APM is supposed to be old news, but it’s still helping me understand hardware and coding.

I’m trying to create an ibus script for the 32u2 chip, but I have some questions:

  • is the 32u2 basically converting to PPM?
  • Therefore the Ardupilot has been written for PPM?
    -I know that someone created their own sbus script for the 32u2, there is a video explaining the flashing process here. The Sbus2PPM file is here (but it is only available as .hex file, so cannot change the code for ibus)

Now, I’m wondering if sbus is the same as ibus? Or different? (It would mean it would save writing code)

There is an Arduino C++ code for ibus2ppm here, so pixhawks are okay.
-Can this code simply be flashed the the 32u2? Or does the code pin-out need changing?

I know how to locate .hex files using arduino IDE once code has been written, so the flashing of the 32u2 is not a problem.

Any help and advice is appreciated to help me get me moving, I know there are some great coders involved with ardupilot. Thanks :slight_smile: