I2C OLED display question


I am using an onboard SSD1327 based display. Prior arming it shows basic FC parameters status. An “ARMED!” message is permanently displayed after arming and it goes back to showing parameters only after disarming. Is there any way to make it display the parameters all the time or make it show “ARMED!” message only at the time of arming?

That is the fixed operation set in the code. The assumption being that you can’t get near the display while the aircraft is armed anyway - we are in the Copter section after all :slight_smile:
You would have to submit a feature request or enhancement in GitHub

I see, it would be nice to have this feature as an option.
Could be useful when I test things out with propellers removed.

Feature request submitted:

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This will be useful when using vehicles other than what the designers originally intended. Personally I am using it on a rocket and being able to see that before walking away from the pad would be beneficial.