I2C LED controller - where to get started on driver

Hi All,

I’ve got a PX4Lite inside a Cheerson CX-20, and I want more/better LED indicators than just a single RGB LED, and also I wanted to make the stock rear lights work as originally intended. So I’ve modified the body to take 12V 5050 RGB LED strips and built a PIC16F to control them and the 3 rear LEDs, it acts as an i2c slave device. The idea is that the nav lights will change color according to what mode the quad is in, and blink to indicate low battery. The rear status lights show GPS lock, armed state, and one flashes to indicate autotune is engaged. Now I just need to write a driver for the PX4 to communicate with it, and I’m trying to figure out where to start.

Looking through the source I’ve found what seems to be two sets of RGB LED drivers, in libraries/AP_Notify and modules/PX4Firmware/src/drivers/. Which of these should I be basing my driver off?