I2C default address


I will like to know the i2c address of the LightWare SF10 LIDAR. I try to find it in the code but too difficult… Is there any wiki showing all the I2C address?



Google give me this: http://www.lightware.co.za/shop/en/content/6-documents

You can assign your own i2c address (0x00 … 0x7F) via USB and (défault seems to be 0x55 - screen shot in the doc) using Lightware Terminal software.


Hi! Thanks for the responce but i mean, what address is used in Ardupilot Copter to access the sensor when you configure rangefinder to use I2C? what address do i have to configure to make the Pixhawk read the sensor data?

I configure the pixhawk as follow:


RNGFND_TYPE=7 (LightWareI2C)
RNGFND_GNDCLEAR = Your offset to ground

But i don´t know the address that it is using to communicate with the sensor.

According to the LIDAR-Lite user manual: The"Sensor"module"has"a"7!bit"slave"address"with"a"default"value"of"0x62"in"hexadecimal"notation.""The"


Yes i know the default address value and it can be change easily with their software. But my question is: which address is trying to access the PIXHAWK with the Copter 3.3 fw if i configure I2C to talk with this sensor?

Thanks for the responce

I’m afraid Copter-3.3 does not support using he Lightware Lidar via I2C. That will go out with Copter-3.4. Sorry for the mess up in the documentation. I’ll talk to Hamish about that.
By the way, in master (which will become Copter-3.4) there’s a new _ADDR parameter to set the I2C address.


Copter-3.3.3 was released this past week and according to the release notes it should now support the Lightware I2C Rangefinder. However, I’m not able to read any data in MP with the default 0x55 address. Randy made reference to the new _ADDR parameter, however, it’s not clear to me if he meant that there is a default I2C address hardcoded, or if we need to setup one via MP, or if we need to change the sensor default I2C address from 0x55 to something else.

// @DisplayName: Bus address of sensor
// @Description: This sets the bus address of the sensor, where applicable. Used for the LightWare I2C sensor to allow for multiple sensors on different addresses. A value of 0 disables the sensor.
// @Range: 0 127
// @Increment: 1
// @User: Standard
AP_GROUPINFO("_ADDR", 23, RangeFinder, _address[0], 0),