I2c bus setup. Setting compass module

I don’t have a compass calibration, but it gives data when I bring a screwdriver. But I know that the compass sensor has a sensitivity setting. I don’t know how to do this; help is a problem for me. I am limited in means.
can use arduino, and configure, only I don’t know which command increases sensitivity!

Good day, what kind of gps with compass are you using?

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I don’t know of any compass sensitivity setting. There is a setting to control the maximum range of acceptable compass offsets.

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I respect you for your answer, but programmers are needed. compass microchips have memory registers, bytes are written in them to change the settings. The programmer is needed, the arduino will fit, and the code that will record the necessary settings. in a datasheet it is written as but I cannot understand

Gps module holybro and some kind of Chinese module without marking.