I would like to know how to check the RTCM format version of Mission Planner

Two ZED-F9Ps are connected to PixhawkCUBE’s GPS1 and GPS2 via UART1.


I have heard that ZED-F9P can be left with the default settings, but what is the RTCM format version?
If you want to change to MSM7, I think you should change it with CFG-MSGOUT, but in this case is it okay to leave GPS_AUTO_CONFIG=1 as is?

Sorry for my poor English.

AFAIK it accepts RTCM 2.1 and 3.0. And it is probably transparent, meaning it will accept any version you provide.

But the F9Ps will need to understand that RTCM format. And no, it is not advisable to change the parameters on the F9P.

Thank you.
I’ll try.