I would like to assemble my first helicopter

I would like to assemble my first helicopter with autopilot. I’ve never built a helicopter. Can you help me choose the mechanical and electronic components?
Thank you


do you have any experience flying a RC helicopter? Or flying a RC multicopter?
Do you have any experience building a RC vehicle?

I have experience in piloting rc gliders and airplanes and multicopter. The latter on a professional level. I perform aerial reconnaissance and aerial photogrammetry. A long time ago I designed and built airplanes and gliders and recently built a quarirotor.

Ok, I just wanted to make sure you do not dive in the deep end.
I just built one helicopter some years ago based on a kit from hobbyking, so I am no expert in helis. Hobbyking has reduced its product range, to a point where they do not carry anything of interest for me anymore. Heli kits are one of the products gone.
A heli is a money pit. You will need a constant supply of spare parts, like main and tail rotor blades, servos, landing gear, etc. Especially when you learn to fly it/setup the autopilot.
The bigger the heli gets the more the parts will cost.
Perhaps one of the heli experts here can tell you how to built a heli from individual parts. I would go with a kit or even a RTF heli.

@Brighela Hi Walter,
I would recommend a 600 size kit for you. Here the cost/benefit ratios are very good. The larger the helicopter, the easier it is to fly, because the small helicopters react very nervously to the control commands and the external influences. In addition, you have enough space in this size to accommodate a FC such as the Pixhawk 4/5.
Because of the secured spare parts supply I would recommend a heli from Align (TREX) or Mikado (Logo). Whereas Align likes to make changes to its mechanics every year and then after some time for the “old” mechanics the spare parts run out. Mikado offers its spare parts for years. In addition, the spare parts are cheap and the helicopter mechanics are very durable. I myself have several Logo600SE mechanics in use for years, without problems.

Heri from Germany


well, for the mechanics ok. So on the one hand mechanics, motor, esc, servos, battery. On the other, FC, GPS and receiver. Right?
Is it possible to install a micro or mini FC? Which?


I use the Pixhawk mini 4. With the mini4, you have no soldering. Its small enough for the Logo600. The GPS, you can fix it on the tail boom.

the FC Pixhawk mini 4 is no longer available. What alternative do you suggest?
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Hi Walter @Brighela

Yes, that is a problem. I hope Holypro offers something similar again.
Alternative would be this if available:

Or just switch to the big Pixhawk 5/6.
They are just bigger and need more space.

Otherwise, there are certainly alternatives, but I do not know them from my own use. Others from the forum would have to know more.



Thank you


Hi, I’m returning from Belgium. Where do you live? If you’re on the road, I’d love to meet you and see your helicopter in operation. In case send me a message at 333 844 6278. Hello. Walter

PixRacer’s fit in 450’s.