I wonder whether if there is option for quadplane to hover at high altitude at failsafe


I will operate VTOL on moving ships and I concerned about which failsafe is appropriate for this operations.

I already programmed mission planner plugin and make aircraft’s home to ship’s position.

but, the problem is Q_OPTIONS

if the aircraft is landing and rc failsafe occurs, it Q_LAND and become dangerous because ship is moving. if it lands vertically it will collide with ships.

I believe in landing sequence there will be no rc failsafe, but I have to make sure that it is safe under any circumstances.

if I change from Q_LAND to Q_RTL, I’m worrying about it lands finally. I want it to hover until the signal has been recovered.

and if I change from Q_LAND to RTL, I’m worrying about it transits suddenly and damage ship’s structures and collide.

I want my VTOL to hover at high altitude in failsafe, but is it possible?

for your reference, the flight mode will be Q_HOVER at landing sequence.