I will test the boat on Auto Mode on open sea tomorrow. Any hints on my parameters?

Hello Everyone!
I have completed my thesis. I’m overnighting for my report add ons. I will use some minimum spanning tree like algorithms to show my industrial engineering “skills” so that hopefully I’ll graduate…

test area(closed to public marine traffic(no transportation unlike other parts): https://goo.gl/maps/NSsqLQcYhiVvKpL88

I will make a mission for about 10 minutes. I bought a new working uhs-1 sd card. initial was one a fake 100mb card branded as 100mb :frowning:

my boat is 92cm long(hull), 32cm wide, 25cm tall. weighs around 5KG. 2x 12V 540 brushed dc motors. I don’t want it to run fast. no rudder(skid steering). 36mm 3 blade props, ball bearing shaft.

boat’s stern skins a little bit. center of gravity is behind the pixhawk and gps. (around 15-20cm)

I didn’t have time and space to tune the PID settings so i just copy pasted them from Mr. David’s parameters. My boat is not a catamaran it is a V shaped boat.
sample video

In my first test with older parameters i didn’t do object avoidance however i realized i didn’t make the proximity sendor config correct. now i suppose everything is all set!!

Wish me tons of lock. I use the pixhawk’s compass becuase the external compass fails calibration at 33 percent! probs a faulty one. gps gets around 12 satt.

lastttttt.param (13.2 KB)

You are skipping some important/mandatory tuning steps needed for proper Auto control. You should be doing that rather than running a mission. But whatever you decide to do best of luck!!

Do you mean the PID settings. I really don’t know how to do them?

Is there a way that arduboat relies on lidar? I can go to school and take my project back home and do more pool testing but my pool is small. Even if gps drift occurs i want to be able to make sure that boat corrects its nav. via compass and lidar. Lidar definetly works. last time i tested on pool with poor parameters and heavy gps drift( the module was in side of the hull now it is in open at the top), it did crash to the pool walls. but the lidar wasn’t set as a proximity sensor and it may be why.

it wasn’t circling at all. Is there a theoretical way of tuning the PID parameters? problem is my battery is only 5ah and charger is not that fast.

you skipped all tuning steps.
dont wast your (and our!) time and follow the wiki.
(and more)

1)Throttle and Speed
2) Pivot turns (for skid steer)
3) Navigation

Okay I’ll go to school early and try to calibrate and configure them. I’ll try to read and analyse every bit of information on wiki.