I wanted to say i am sorry to everybody!

Hello, i wanted to say i am sorry to all the people that may have been insulted by my last posts.

My intent was to stimulate discussion and point the attention to some problems that are relevant in my opinion, but i did it the wrong way and got carrtied away.

So, i am sorry and apologize to everybody, hoping i can still belong to this comunity and bring my contribution.

I want to apologize in particular to:


Hope my apologize will be accepted.


Welcome, Corrado.

There is no such thing as perfect black and white on the InterTubes, nor existing human clones of emotionless Mr. Spock.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
-George Bernard Shaw

(Far from me to imply that you’ve been unreasonable, btw)


Welcome back. I’m glad you didn’t stay away long.


Welcome back! Ask the team… we all have our days that get out of control :slight_smile:
All good, and FYI, we should have Can code for the GPS available to test(alpha code) this week :slight_smile:

And again, welcome back!


Great and thank you.

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I watched the posts where you seemed very upset, Corrado. I was impressed with how the major contributors on here simply tried to answer and respond without themselves getting agitated or lashing back. This is a great group of people it seems to me. AND, it says very good things about you, Corrado, that you are willing to apologize. (just a view from the sidelines!)


Looking forward to test alpha and report.

Will it be possible to use only one cable and daisy chain 2 gps unit or each one will need a different cable on a dedicated port on the FC?

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welcome back good to see you

Yes, daisy chain will work

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cant wait to start playing with the Can GPS more fun ahead

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Takes courage to come back and say that, welcome back! Apologies for harsh words on my side.

I get as frustrated as you are with how things work around here, but have learnt to keep (mostly) quiet and try and make things better by contributing. There are lots of things around here to contribute to depending on what skills and knowledge you can bring to the table. Aside from coding, improving the docs/wiki is possibly the most important. The docs are a really great resource, but they’ve largely been written by the same people who have coded the system and know it inside out - I feel it would benefit from a ‘normal users’ touch.


Hello, just to know if there is any news about this.

No pressure or pushing just getting info :slight_smile:

SL_CAN is now in master, this was a major roadblock to getting this out.

the CAN firmware for the Here is going through a final bug review at the moment. as we will be releasing this as a major feature, we do want this to go smoothly… so we are doing lots of internal testing just to make sure.

the firmware server is now up and running, the new forums are up and running. Michael is back from holidays in a few days, so that will be the final step is enabling the update via mission planner.

Great, thanks.