I want to try out version 2.0

Where can I get a copy of version 2.0… I have been searching for hours… Please help.

You can grab a copy here:
github.com/DroidPlanner/droidpl … v2.0.0_RC1

Or the direct link to a compiled file:
github.com/DroidPlanner/droidpl … -0_RC1.apk

Keep in mind this is a early beat, and only support copters. That’s why we haven’t published it yet (and if you can please keep your comment’s about it on the forum). If you find any issues please add them here:
github.com/DroidPlanner/droidpl … state=open

Very very good looking interface. I’d love to bring UAVs to the public and having an intuitive GCS that looks the part is very important. This is what the iOS app from DJI manages to do, very good looking GUI and very functional. DroidPlanner 2.0 is a great step to this and I’m sure it will only get better.

I’m willing to put in some effort on my behalf with the app but my experience in creating/editing apps being zero I’m not too sure if I can contribute at all. Please let me know if you need a hand :slight_smile:

All hands are welcome.

The simplest way to help out is by testing the app (and the betas) and giving feedback on issues that need to be resolved, and features you would like to see implemented. You can report those here:

The next level of help is starting to resole those issues, here is a couple of guides o how to setup everthing to build the program:
github.com/arthurbenemann/droid … uild-Setup

Hi Arthur,

Is version 2.0 functional? I was able to compile and run it in development mode under Eclipse, but when I run it from my Nexus 7 tablet, I was not able to see “Planning” menu. I was trying to load some WP files and see it on maps. I was not connected to APM when I tried this with 2.0.
Any idea?

But on actual release (1.x), I can access “Planning” menu and load WP files and see on maps, without connection to APM.


Hi Chris

The planning functionality has been mostly replaced by the ‘Edit’ panel, which is currently the bottom left button. However if you are building it yourself you will need to create a google maps api key thingy! If you dont the maps will not be displayed. For more information see;

developers.google.com/maps/docu … oid_v2_api

EDIT Not sure about loading WP files

OK, I did load DP2 on my Nexus 7, in debug mode. It looks apps compiled and loaded OK
Then I did press the Update btn and got the error (see attach).
If I run the DP2 directly from nexus (after deploy) and press Edit, I got an error: Application has stop, droid planner need to close…
Any idea? It looks I am missing something (path), and this is a runtime error, because it compiles fine in debug mode.


Then I did press the "Edit" btn …

Make sure you import all the project files. For a faster help with the build you can contact me via google hangouts (arthur dot benemann @ gmail dot com).