I want to make pixhawk

Hello everyone, actually i want to make pixhawk because this is my final year project of my degree, so i need help to make this, can anoyone help me?

Make Pixhawk ?

We can manufacture with 3d printing techniques if interested

let me know

I would think “make pixhawk” is pretty self explanatory. He wants to “make a Pixhawk”. If you can’t work that out, don’t bother cluttering up the thread with your reply.

I suggest you go to the PX4.io website and get the open source electronic schematic. From that you could use a PCB design software such as design spark or Altium and create your own circuit board. If you follow it correctly, you would then be able to upload Ardupilot to it. Its basically just a ST Micro micro controller with specific serial outputs based on your needs.

David K