I want to connect an Arduino with a pixhawk via serial port

The basic idea is that I’ve used an Arduino to measure the rpm of an engine. What I want to do is to send the rpm value to pixhawk using the Arduino over serial using Telem2.
I’ve seen many guides regarding requesting streams from pixhawk but not a lot about setting any Params that can be viewed in the quick access in mp except for the rangefinder.
Any idea on how to get this done?

Use a Lua script on the autopilot to read serial data. Use gcs:send_named_float() to make the value available via telemetry.

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Hey thanks for the reply.
Will I be able to update the RPM1 or RPM2 using the LUA Script telemetry?

Yuri_Rage you’re the man! Worked like a charm. Really do need to brush up on my Lua scripting now. Appreciate the help.