I want to build my first quad

Hello all,
I am very new to Quad world and never had one before.
I would like to build a quad with the following specifications

  1. Something so stable that can be flown by a beginner. Be able to correct itself by letting the stick go
  2. Be able to accept a path and fly by itself and come back to its landing position
  3. Be able to transmit video to a handheld device or a goggle
  4. have a range of at least a mile

is there a guide that I can read to understand what of kind of hardware I need? Or can someone tell me what kind of hardware I need?
Is this something easy to accomplish by a beginner who never had a quadcopter?

I have a budget of $800. Is that enough?
and of course, I want to build it myself and not buy one that is ready to fly.

What your asking is not simple.

There are many options available that work and most quads are easy to fly.

The problem is understanding what makes the props turn what makes the motors turn what does the flight controller do and how does the battery effect the copter.

Video cameras have just as many options and video transmitters as well as goggles.

I chose to buy a ready built unit just so I had a way of getting started. This allowed me to understand how all the pieces work together and get my feet wet.

Sometimes you need to define a purpose for the copter such as simple flying, taking videos of landscapes, or capturing action events, or maybe racing.

These things define the size and cost of the copter and will help in determining the final unit to build.

You need a goal in mind before you start to build.


Thanks for your reply.
I am not into racing, so I want simple flying, With a camera so I can where it is going.
Be able to return home on its own, and send some telemetry information such as altitude, speed, battery information, and a battery that last 20 mins and be able to go 1 or 2 miles away from its takeoff location
With that said, the most important part is what is the average weight of such a drone?
because based on the weight I need to determine what frame I need and what motor I need to carry that payload and possibly have room to add a few more sensor in future and etc.


What is critical is the payload you want to carry. So what is the weight of the camera and it’s gimbal that you want to use. Then choose the flight time you are after. That determines the thrust and the props. The prop diameter required determines the frame size and the All Up Weight AUW.

If this is your first build I would highly recommend buying a small toy multirotor to learn to fly. You will crash and maybe lose the whole craft and it is cheaper to learn than crashing your $800 build.

You can do it if you are willing to read and learn. This wiki has all the information you need.

If you are new to multirotors take a look at my overview on RCGroups:

Go here and post your questions: https://www.rcgroups.com/beginner-multirotor-drones-940/