I start the ATOMRC 30A ESC with f405-WSE board

Hello, I have this ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 plane, but for some reason the stock ESC doesn’t power on (Neither the motor, nor the ESC beep). In the instructions it said that there is a “safe start”, where it would need the throttle to be at lowest possible position (also tried modifying the throttle min and max values in mission planner, but no luck) when turning it on, and yet it still doesn’t power on/beep on start up when I plug the battery in. I have quadruple checked the connections of the ESC with the FC (f405-wse) instructions. The thing is that everything else works (servos, gps, etc.). I’ve also checked the ESC mosfets with multimeter and they’re all good, no problems there and I also get voltage readings with motor wires when I power the model on. When I arm the plane, it still doesn’t work. I believe I just can’t beat that safe start mode for some reason. Please help!

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