I offer developers

Hello. I fly on an airplane - a glider using APM 2.6. airspeed sensor. During the operation there were some suggestions for improvement, which we would like to see in the next release of APM plan.

  1. More algorithms to manage the category of batteries. Currently only implemented for entering RTL. We also offer the opportunity to make the low battery voltage reduction or complete shutdown tnrottle. Yes, it is possible to configure the esc controller, but it would be better if it can be configured directly through the parameters of the autopilot.

  2. In-flight and automatic modes to take into account the real thrust of the engine. For example through the current. Also, if the preceding sentence will be implemented, it can be taken into account here.
    I have observed that when the engine is not pulling out of the discharge of the battery, and the autopilot gives a hight throttle, he does not see what the real traction and is not trying to control the plane as if there is traction. That is trying to climb the aircraft, which is impossible because of the lack of traction and turns chaotic flight. It is not right. in the absence of a real jet engine thrust should be managed as a glider, the nose should not be lifted up for the climb and climb should be set for borrowing required airspeed.

  3. In cases where we’re going from a point located at a high altitude to a point located at a low altitude, airspeed required to be maintained in the first place due to the height and then using the tag engine. This applies to all automatic modes, including rtl and guided. After all, if we’re going from a height of 1000m on the point of the house to a height of 100m, and the autopilot includes a motor, one wonders why, as the height of enough ?!