I need to not disable an IC kill switch upon loss of RC signal

Hey All,
I wanted to know if this functionality exists in APM:Plane, or a decent way to do this.
I have an optical kill switch on my AUX 2 port on the pixhawk for a IC engine. It is accepting a pulse from my TX channel 7 to trigger it. I need to be able to switch off the RC and the kill switch not kill the motor.
So far the switch is active at 1900-1324PWM and dies at 1304. The transmitter I am using is the DX9.

I assume that DX9 is the Spektrum DX9

On your receiver you can program how the channels react to a loss of signal, so just set up CH7 to an appropriate value when binding the receiver

Hum…not sure if using ONLY a satellite behaves the same. Try to bind the satellite using a Spektrum receiver and use the same procedure for loss of signal, then plug the satellite to the PixHawk and verify on the RC screen of MP if the channels behave like expected on signal loss.

I tried that using a JR receiver and the spektrum satellite and it didn’t like it. I’ll try with a real spektrum one. So bind to the receiver at what I want to happen on loss of signal?

When I had a DX9, I remember there was a specific procedure for binding, slightly different than the regular procedure, and we had to set the different channels on the desired positions of the failsafe. Better check the docs for your model of receiver.

Gotcha. Were you using the pixhawk and just the satellite receiver? I think the issue might be using only the satellite.

Only using the satellite was not a good option, concerning range of control.

That is a good point. I ended up using my ppm encoder and a spektrum main receiver and now I can command whatever failsafe behavior I want. Thanks!