I need a way to verify my CLI test results for Iris+

I want to be sure only my motors are disfunctionnal on my Iris+ drone before buying 170$ motors and props kit. I’m running CLI but find it hard to understand the results . All instead ESC has been recalibrated and I got no errors doing this so I’m on a good way … but not sure.

I will send you soon my results for baro , motors , positionning etc but before that , if someone has better site for understanding Arducopter CLI than their tutorial on their page , I would appreciate. How to understand the numbers the CLI tests giving me . It’s not always clear. It’s a more general description on arducopter website.

I find the website help section poor in terms of information they give. I see a lot of numbers defiling for each tests till I press enter and then … I don’t feel confortable to presume everything is ok .

I also question myself about how to confirm my ESC board is OK while my motors are not . The ESC setup like shown in videos doesn’t work but I’m pretty sure it’s because one of my motors at least is really doing a weird anormal noise and it may not qualifiate at all on some pre-arm verifications.

So I will redo the tests today and send results . If anyone can give me a WebPAge or place where it is described in details …( I mean what means what … what number may variate without problems et which one I should pay attention to ) . Maybe if I get no stops before I press Enter to stop and no error messages , it means it is in good shape … I don’t know . Pretty embarrassing.

Thanks in advance for the CLI ( terminal mode ) helper if there is one. It doesn’t seem so hard when you know what is what .