I need a help for connections

hello dear members. ı have a lipo battery(Lip967893), pixhawk 2.4.8, servo motors(MG995) and motor driver (VNH2SP30). I need help for connect this materials. ı need a schema for all connects

Hello Mete, welcome to the community

The ArduPilot documentation contains all the information you need.

You will need a GPS receiver, a current monitor and a RC transmitter and receiver

Hi ı have a r12ds receiver by the way. Can you send me a schema for connections?

What type of vehicle is this so we can direct you to the Ardupilot documentation.

I want to build a 4-wheeled land vehicle

OK, then start here.

I’m new to this platform. I want to rotate this servo motor for the wheel of my land vehicle. But I couldn’t make the connections and can you help me which rc commands should I change in the mission planner?

@Mete_Ersoy double posting is rude and will not make you any friends.