I have a request for a new feature for Mission planner

Could someone within this forum please contact me privately? I have a request for an added feature I would like to see added, not sure what the process is to get it added to any wish list? But I need to keep in private for now.

Thanks for any help

Bill N.

bill dot N at writeme dot n

Feature requests go to the issue tracker here: github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues
I don’t believe, anybody will contact you privately… You are the one who wants something, so you should become active and not just ask that someone contacts you.

As of right now I’m not able to publicly post it. Patent issues. Hard to explain.

I will check in to the link you sent.


If there are patent issues involved, whatever you have in mind CANNOT be integrated in Mission Planner, because Mission Planner is free software under the GNU GPL License which is kinda the total opposite to patents!

The patent issue would not effect Mission planner.