I have a ploblem when I geotagged with Mission Planner and 3DR solo

I use mission planner to get way point and set “do set cm trigger” every 20 meters in my way point already. When before I takeoff I do set date and time to my GoPro Camera with my tablet and set default mode to time lapse every 2 sec in camera setting.

The problem is while flying the camera do not take pictures by command in the way point I set from mission planner. So I have to change default mode to single shot instead and It’s work very well.

Then I load tlog to my mission planner and can’t geotagged with time offset mode but It’s can geotagged by Cam message instead the images create with geotagged but when I test location kml all my images really on false location.

If I have to use time offset mode which step I was wrong.Plz help me.