I have 2 Pixhawks with the same errors

my enthusiasm for the PIXHAWK is over.

I have 2 Pixhawks with the same errors.
Compass does not work. Offsets 0 0 0

Here is the error: dropbox.com/sh/anbhu4971dteena/KVwX5n4M9_

why are the devices not tested at 3dr


I had this too when I first got my Pixhawk. It was maddening. Here is a last resort I did to “fix” it. Load a different platform, lets say, Rover. Reboot, go into CLI and reset, erase, etc. Then load the platform you really want, go to CLI and reset. That worked for me, although it is not very comforting not knowing the true cause. :cry:

PS I assume you are not using an external compass?

thanks for the help.
that did not work, it is clearly a hardware fault.
with the APM, I had no such problems.

If you post to the right subforum, your chances to get a qualified answer and help are significantly better!

[quote=“StefanG”]If you post to the right subforum, your chances to get a qualified answer and help are significantly better!
Yeah right. Arrogance helps every time. So, you are sure it’s a FW problem even though copter and plane both had the issue. Btw my solution was also embraced by a 3DR tech. Forums would be better without opinionated moderators.

That is why I moved the post FROM the Copter/3.1 TO the Pixhawk support forum…
The OP didn’t write anything about using Copter but started right with wrong compass values, so clearly, this was a Pixhawk support issue and not a Copter support issue. Your solution also didn’t have anything to do with the Copter firmware - in fact you just wrote yourself that the issue appeared both with Copter and Plane.
So what are you complaining about?

There is a reason that the forum has a specific structure and that reason is
a) So that users can easily find previous solutions and
b) The supporters can easily find the topics they can / want to support

Forums would be better with users who would search before posting and post to the right subforum from the beginning!

the error is in missionsplanner.habe on another computer mp versions … 97, the software loaded compass calibrated offsets ok.
Version MP … 99 previously erase software, and reset software loaded compass offsets 0 0 0
testing in flight is tomorrow when the weather ok.
best regards