I guess I am too old and too dumb

I have Arduino Uno and Mega. I have magnetometer, lcd, and autopilot. the autopilot is stamped womarts.com and on the reverse it says Hiduino. There appears to be a GPS (?) flopping on an attached wire. There is a chip that says ublox neo-6m-0-001. I have been searching for nearly a week and cannot find any wiring info or sketches that will make it work. The magnetometer, LCD, and Uno seem to work fine.
If this gps/autopilot is any good I dont know how to pproperly connect it to Uno.
Yes you guessed it I am a Arduino Newbie even it I will be 72 next month.
Could someone please help a doddering old fool get started???
Thanks from Canada caravan@mymts.net

With so little information around about this board, getting support and help is going to be an uphill battle I think. It may not really be worth the aggro of trying to get it sorted even for an experienced arduino-ist. The best is to find a product that has a largish community that can aid, assist, find and diagnose problems. ArduPilot is just one of many that have a community following to work through the issues.

If you really want to try with this then post a couple photos of the components as this may be a unbranded cloned board of some sort. The only one I know of with it’s own LCD is the KK Board v2.

Okay, here is a pic of my breadboarded setup. Maybe these are clone boards, I dont know. The GPS / Autopilot is flashing red trying to aquire but I dont know what pins ( Ii assume tx) to go where on an inour pin on Uno. I hate guessing! I have let the[color=#FF0000] smoke [/color]out of too many devices over the last 60 years. :laughing:

Can you post a photo of both sides of the GPS/Autopilot, I can’t see it well in the photo above. The arduino uno and mag is fine, just not sure about the other board.

Ok Graham here are the pics u requested

a betterr view of the component side and the NEO 6M

Thanks seafever. OK, I’m no expert but that looks like just a GPS, there’s no autopilot or autopilot capable chips on that board. The thing hanging off it is just the antenna not the GPS itself.

So you have a mag, GPS, LCD and Arduino Uno, again I’m not an expert but until one chimes in I don’t think an Autopilot system has been developed specifically for the Uno. A quick google search for “arduino uno autopilot” brings up almost nothing, a couple references to Ardupilot but that needs a specific Arduino Mega 2560 board (APM1.4/2.0/2.5/2.6).