I don't seem to get mavlink warning messages over telem port in many cases

So, they do work if I have my 3DR radio in telem1 or telem2 and the other radio is plugged into apmplanner or mission planner.
I get warning messages like “airspeed not healthy”

However, those do not get sent over telem2 to my OSD unless I’ve plugged my 3DR radio into it first, and somehow “primed” the port so that it outputs mavlink warning messages. Once I do that, those warning messages finally show up on my OSD, until I reboot the pixhawk and then they stop again.
Note, that I do get regular mavlink (attitude, speed, gps, etc…) without problems.
Also all my SR parameters are set to more than 1 for both telemetry ports.

Now, more interesting, if I plug my 3DR radio into tower on my android phone, I do not get mavlink warning messages either.
If I plug into droid planner, there again, it does not work (I get all telem data except arming warning/error messages)
But, if I use androipilot, then it works, I get mavlink arming messages.

So, I have to conclude that there must be a magic message that apmplanner/mission/planner/andropilot send over the link to get mavlink warning messages.
Is that correct?
More generally, is there something I can do to get those messages in all my ground stations and my OSD?


Seems to be a known bug