I couldn’t get all the way into autotune, or back out

For the first 8 minutes I was just sitting on the ground as I had a problem with the ground station computer.

When I finally take off everything seemed good. I went forward/back and left/right a couple times and the bird seemed stable. At this point I try to go into autotune but I get “Err:FLIGHT_MODE-15” errors. So I figure I’ll just do a couple more left/right and front/backs and land. But this time, as I try the same maneuvers, the bird flips out and falls. I was taken by surprise by the sudden different behavior.

As I look at the log I can see that before the errors the bird’s pitch and roll in response to my input is tame but after it’s wild. It looks to me like the FC had gone into a mode where it was over responding to my input like maybe it was in acro mode for itself while in autotune. But it wasn’t suspending that mode to alow me to do corrections as it wasn’t in any known state. Of course this is just a guess on my part and I’m probably either over thinking it or I missed something simple or both.

In any case if someone could take a look at the log and give me some insight as to what went wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

Weather: calm, clear, warm.
Copter V3.3.3
Mission Planner 1.3.35
Frame: Foxtech D130
Props: T-Motor 28x9.2
ESCs: T-Motor Flame 80A
Motors: T-Motor U8-10 (170KV)
Batteries: 2xTattu 6S 22000mah
Additional (dummy) Payload 10lbs plate weight strapped tight to more closely simulate end configuration.
AUW: About 40lbs.

Dang, I’m have a devil of a time trying to attach the log. The popup window says the file uploading then a short time later my message disappears but the popup just keeps going.

How else can I get the log to you? Droneshare?

another try at adding an attachment. I don’t see any indication it was attached but I’ll post to see if it made it anyway.

Still didn’t attach. You might want to try using a different browser.

I still can’t upload a log.

I’ve now tried 3 different browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox, On 3 different computers running 2 different OS Win7 and Win10. I get the same behavior.

If it’s not my software or hardware it’s probably yours. Or maybe my permissions on your software.

Maybe this will work:

Here’s the dropbox link to the log:

dropbox.com/s/r5maj3oawk23u … h.bin?dl=0