I Can't Switch to Guided or Auto Mode (I Shared Logs)

hi ı have a cube orange and encoders ı can read value on mavlink ispector, ı have a gps but ı want make mission without gps because ı am in indoor,
I cant switch auto or guided mode logs down below thanks for help


The most common reason may be that the EKF origin hasn’t been set. You’ve set the EKF origin using Mission Planner’s Data screen, then right-mouse-button-click and select, “Set Home Here” >> “Set EKF Origin Here”?

Also you’ve changed the EK3_SRC1_VELXY parameter?

P.S. the logs are not open accessible so I can’t check myself.

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sory there is a link, yes ı click on map and try set but ı didnt ı think ı have a error “No SRTM data for this area” but ı can set home point
there is a logs link : 2022-01-23 19-36-53.rlog and 1 other file | Files.fm.
no ı didnt, now ı did set to 7(wheel encoder) and now ı trying / ı tryed dont fix, also ı upload to sdcard “terrain” data
what should ı do VELZ?

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when i open safety checks tell me `unassigned servo 33 when ı assign motor as servo, unasigned servo 34

when ı assign 4 motor error gone,
ı have PreArm: Check mag field: 1458, max 875, min 185

ı can arm anymore ı try with gps fixed 4 satellites and ı can switch mode anymore, but mag error keep going


I think it might be best if you get it working with a GPS first and then try to get non-GPS (e.g. wheel encoders only) working.

The mag error is probably because the vehicle is rely on the compass inside the autopilot which will have lots of interference from metal bits around it. An external compass (like the one in the GPS) is a good idea even if you’re not planning on using a GPS.

thanks very much for reply, okey ı will test with gps too, yeterday ı had to close compass and set ekf with right click and arm in auto mode, rover starts to go forward ı guess started to go to the first mission point, please you keep going the make video on youtube :slight_smile: