I cannot figure out how to use a Talon-25 ESC with Arduplane 3.8.4 and Pixracer

I have an airplane with a Pixracer and Arduplane 3.8.4 installed.

I want to use a Talon-25 ESC and cannot get it to work. When I power up the system the ESC just blinks red and delivers no power to the servo rail.

Castle Creations says that the blinking red indicates that the ESC has not seen the upper and lower endpoints.

How do I get the Pixracer and Arduplane to give the correct signals to initialize the ESC?



You need to first calibrate the esc .
You can do it connecting the Esc directly to the radio receiver or with to Pixracer via the Mission Planner utility.

If you go for Mission Planner calibration first calibrate the radio of course.

Thanks lucamax,

As it turned out the Safety Switch feature was enabled, and I do not use a physical switch. When I disabled the feature the ESC came alive.

Interestingly, the safety switch settings do not get recorded when you save an arduplane configuration. In any new setup they come up set to enabled - I suppose that is for safety and that’s a good thing.

Now on to the calibration.