I cannot arm heli

I tried to run sumilation with matlab but i can not move the vehicle. I’m getting command rejected by MAV error. I tried arm the plane and i did. how can i fix that. I didn’t find a correct solution in the internet. I think i’ll change some parameters. Please help me. I need your help.

In what flight mode was the plane when you tried to arm it? What version was the plane?
What matlab version? which matlab script?

We are not clairvoyant ? We can not guess these things!!!

I’m just tring to arm the vehicle. Is it related to fligth mode? I use a modded mission planner. I ran with it. Also, I’m using matlab 2020b version and i’m using matlab example in libraries of ardupilot. I don’t have a problem with matlab file. The connection seems to be established.

I got “PreArm: Check firmware or FRAME_CLASS” error and i changed the FRAME_CLASS parameter to 4 (quadcopter(but i’m usin heli)). then i armed but it did disarmed again. I’m getting “PreArm: Mode not armable” error.

You need to set the flight mode to guided

@Erkam_Sahin if you want to use a heli frame then I should be able to get you started. For heli, the ardupilot software requires that the rc channel set to motor interlock will need to be low (1000 pwm) before it will allow you to arm. You also need to be in an armable mode ( mode other than RTL, Auto or Land). Loiter or Stabilize are good choices.