I can not see my new flight mode in mp

I followed these steps https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/apmcopter-adding-a-new-flight-mode.html and i built the ParameterMetaDataBackup.xml file. and restart mp but i still con not see pls help me. :confused:

check for ParameterMetaData.xml in your my documents > mission planner folder.

the backup file is for when a version in mydocs doesnt not exist

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Hi @Michael_Oborne I’m using latest MP, followed the above steps and added “,127:ShowMode” (skybrush) which is already setup and working on the drone.
I did this using the ParameterMetaDataBackup.xml as I don’t have a ParameterMetaData.xml in documents/missionplanner.
Do I need to use an old version of MP or is there now another way of doing this?
Ultimately I want to change to show mode using MP rather than the radio controller for testing purposes.

I solved this problem with using old version mp. I could not show my new mode on new version mp.